Styrelic is the fastest growing provider of the modern shaker and European and custom interior doors in the United States. Choose from more than 200 ready-made options or customize your own. The Styrelic team will work with designers to create custom fabricated doors to accommodate any request.

Whether you are a home builder or homeowner, we want you to feel proud of your doors you install or the doors you use every single day.  We want you to know that your doors do what they should do: provide privacy, help dampen the loud noises, and feel like they were made for a king or queen.

Our door construction is unparalleled.  MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) doors have been around for a while.  Our unique approach of Single Sheet MDF Construction manufacturing improves the longevity and quality of your door.   You don’t want your door expanding in the summer or contracting in the winter. 

All killer, no filler is our motto.   You are buying a solid core door.  Many of the competing doors fill portions of the door with Styrofoam and use Bondo to cover mistakes or other compromising fillers.  At Styrelic, we call that compromise and poor construction.  We don’t do that.

Wholesale distribution center is located in Los Angeles , CA.